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Why does Constellix charge everything in units?
Posted by Richard Smith, Last modified by Devon Roberts on 25 April 2017 12:41 PM
Units are the equivalent of resources, so that services can be priced based on the resources used per service. A Constellix invoice will show both the units and dollar amount per service. The unit system provides the ability to offer services at the most affordable and honest pricing, based only on your organizations usage and resource consumption. As your organization grows and your resource consumption increases, there are options for bulk pricing of units making the services even more ecconomcial.

Constellix bills based on a unit model for the following reasons:
- Many of the services that Constellix offers cost hundred thousandths of a penny.
- Constellix services are only invoiced for actual resource consumption. There is no commitment on a client's end to a predefined service plan with a service allotment and cost commitment.
- Many of the Constellix services are discounted automatically based on usage of individual services. For instance the cost of Constellix DNS domains and queries is cheaper (equating to fewer units) as you require more of the individual service.
- The cost per unit in Constellix is automatically discounted as you use higher volumes of units and services (discounted across the entire accounts billing). The cost per unit is automatically discounted 10% above $1,000 in monthly usage and then 20% above $10,000 in usage.