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Pool Failover with GTD
Posted by Devon Roberts on 25 April 2017 01:50 PM
If you would like to round robin multiple IP's and then failover to another GTD region with other round robin'ed IP's, you would use a pool configuration.

To start in Sonar you would set up checks for each IP address of each region. For example:
US East IP A
US East IP B
US West IP A

Under the Managed DNS - A Record Pools section you would set up a pool for each GTD Region with the associated IP's and a minimum available value of 1 (meaning if 0 IP's are up in this pool, it will failover if another pool is specified). Each pool IP should be assigned its associated Sonar check. You should have one pool per region:
US East Pool
US West Pool

Under each GTD region you would create the A record with the "Pools" option, and click "Add Another Pool" to add the secondary pool of the region you wish to failover to.