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What are templates?
Posted by Devon Roberts on 25 April 2017 01:53 PM
Templates allow you to define a set of DNS records that you can then apply to multiple domains. There are two different functions that you can complete with templates.

1. You can assign (i.e. link) a template to a domain. This makes it so that any changes made to the template will affect all domains to which it is assigned. Records that come "from" the template cannot be changed independent of the template (other records not from the template can be changed).

2. You can import records from a template. This simply copies the records from the template to the domain. Records that come "from" the template are then no different from any other records within the domain and they can be changed or deleted without any affect on the template or any other domains associated with the template.

If you need to edit records "from" a template independently within a domain, then you will want to import from the template instead of assign the template to the domain.

You can locate guides for template configuration at the link below: