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What is Constellix?
Posted by Devon Roberts, Last modified by Devon Roberts on 25 April 2017 01:47 PM
Constellix DNS is a new DNS product developed from the ground up on a custom code base different from standard name server software available today. This allowed for implementation of a number of advanced features not possible with a standard RFC compliant name server software. Many of these new features address limitations with current products based on shifts in technology within the industry such as the rise in CDN services and redundant globally distributed cloud based hosting. Constellix will be the only service available that provides these features.

Constellix offers advanced geographical based DNS solutions useful for administrators which have multiple servers in different regions of the world. These features include a global traffic director service, a IP Filter service, and a Geo Proximity service.

The highlights of these features include:

Global Traffic Director service which allows for different zone files on a per region basis.

IP Filters where an administrator can specify "rules" for DNS query resolution. When a request is received from a resolving name server, our name servers determine the location of the resolver based on its IP and resolve the query to the best matched rules. For example all UK traffic can be sent to one IP. All traffic from Dallas, Texas can be sent to another IP. This is fully customizable by country, city, state, etc.

Geo Proximity allows an administrator to define a list of data center locations by city/region or latitude and longitude. An incoming query from a resolving name server is then judged by IP to determine its location and the query sent to the "closest" possible server geographically based on the defined locations.

IP Filters, Geo Proximity, and GTD services can all be used in conjunction for maximum flexibility and control over resolution of your query traffic which optimizes the experience for end users.

Constellix also supports Pools which allow administrators to define sets (pools) of IP's to round robin, removing hosts automatically that aren't responding within a pool, and failover between sets of pools based on a minimum number of available IP's within a pool. This functionality combines many features together to maximize redundancy of hosts and speed up availability of services.

The DNS failover service uses Constellix Sonar Monitoring and fully supports A, AAAA, and CNAME record failover. Round robin functionality is also possible and supports weighting traffic between hosts.

As part of the suite of Constellix services, Constellix Sonar monitoring supports advanced features, reporting, and notification of system events monitored over HTTP, TCP, UDP, and DNS protocols (with more options to come). Sonar monitors from an extremely geographically diverse range of different locations (with more added all the time) and reports back with specific root causes of failure events based on telnet, traceroute and ping tests. Sonar can be used as a stand alone monitoring service or can also be integrated with Constellix DNS to apply a Sonar Check to DNS records within a domain using Constellix DNS for DNS Failover functionality.

Finally there are a wide range of administrative and security features including sub-user functionality, audit logging, zone versioning, and multi-factor authentication methods.