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Contact Lists

    You can now create contact lists that will receive email alerts when certain events occur in the billing application. Contacts do not need to have a Constellix account. Just enter an email and add them to a group. You can access this feature in the billing application. Use your Constellix login credentials.
In the navigation menu, click Contact Lists.
How to Use Contact Lists:
1. Create a Group.

Once inside groups, you will see the following screen:

To create a New Group, click on the '+' sign. 

2. Create Contact(s): Select A to create a new contact, then fill in "B" & "C" and then Select "D" when completed putting in the Contact Name.

3. Adding Contact to Groups.

4.Select "Contact Methods"

5.Add Contact(s) to Group either through the Create/Edit Group. After you have filled in B,C,D. Select "E" for "Manage Groups". 
Please make sure you have selected "Member Of" to ensure that you are in the group of your choosing.

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