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Configure DNS Failover with a Template

    Templates allow you to reuse records and configurations, like failover, across multiple domains.

1. In the sidebar menu click on Managed DNS, and then select Templates from the drop down menu.

2. Select the template you want to configure with Failover. 

3. You can either edit an existing record, or create a new record configured with Failover. You can learn how to configure Failover in this tutorial. Once added, you can continue to Step 4.

4. One you have your Failover records setup, click on the Apply Template button.

5. Select the domain or domains you want to apply your template to. Please note: If there are any templates already applied to the domains selected, it will remove them. Click Apply. 

6. You will be alerted that “This template is applied to selected domains”. Your Failover configurations will instantly be added to the designated domain. Don’t forget to commit your changes.

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