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Transfer a Domain to Another Constellix Account

Transferring Domains Across Constellix Accounts

The account transfer feature allows you to transfer domains from one Constellix account to another.  The following points are important to note to avoid downtime for transferred domains.

  • Transferring a domain from one account to another will transfer the domain name itself and all associated records.
  • Account specific configurations such as Vanity DNS, Templates, Custom SOA records, Folders, ACLs and DNS Failover and Monitoring settings will not transfer with the domain.  Any of these enabled features will be removed from the domain at the time it is transferred. 
  • Global Traffic Director services (GTD) will only transfer with the domain if Global Traffic Director services are enabled on the destination account. 

Aside from the above points, there is no downtime from the domains(s) during transfer since the domain and records continue to be hosted on the same name servers. 

How to Transfer Accounts Step by Step

1. Select Account Transfer

2. Initiate Transfer
A: Select the Domain(s) that will be transferred.
B: Enter the Account User Name for the recipient account.
C: Click Transfer

3. Click Account Transfer
In the recipient account, navigate to Advanced > Account Transfer. 

4. Accept Transfer
In the Incoming Transfers section, accept the domain transfer.

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