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HINFO Records

What are HINFO records

HINFO records are system information records used to provide a definition of the hardware and operating system in use at a host. For security reasons, these records are rarely used on public servers.

1. Select your Domain

A. Select Managed DNS
B. Select Domains from the dropdown

C. Select the domain you want to add an HINFO record too.

2. Select HINFO Record

Under the HINFO records section, click the (+) icon to add a record.

3. Enter Record Values

A. Name: The hostname for the record. To set the record for the root domain (@), leave this field blank.
B. TTL: Time to Live, measured in seconds, determines how long the record is cached in resolvers. For more information on best practices for TTLs, click here.

C. Disable Record: Information on the NX Domain feature can be found in the Disabling a Record tutorial.

D. CPU: A description of basic system hardware. Identifiable name of the CPU you want to point the record to.
E. OS: A description of the operating system and version
F. Notes: Add a helpful note with keywords so you can search for your records later.
G. Save and Close/Continue: Save your record changes and close or continue creating more HINFO records. Don’t forget to commit changes after you’re done making record changes for this domain!

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