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Bulk IP Update

    In this tutorial you will learn how to perform a bulk IP update. From the “Dashboard” click on “Managed DNS”, then click on “Domains”.
1. Navigate to Managed DNS > Domains.

2. Next click on “Advanced Options” and select “Bulk Update” from the dropdown menu.

3. Next, search for your domains or enter them separated by commas into the search box and select the domains you would like to update.

For each record you would like to modify, please repeat steps 4 through 6. 

4. You will now be prompted to create or update the record that you want applied to the selected domains. Once you are satisfied with the record, click "Preview".5. A new window will appear just below where you entered the record and in this new window you will be given a synopsis of the changes being applied. Once you have reviewed the changes, click "Save".

6. Your changes have been saved but not committed and you will stay on the same page with the text boxes cleared, ready to update more records. If you are done making changes, click the "click here" button at the top of the screen to commit the changes. Otherwise, go back to to step 4 to modify or create more records.

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