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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Constellix

In order to enhance security, you can enable Multi-factor authentication in your Constellix account. This feature allows a user to implement the second method of verification for account access in addition to the traditional username and password. This feature protects your account by requiring a time-based code any time you log in. The use of two-factor authentication requires a mobile device capable of running a compatible mobile authentication application.

The following apps support the time based one-time password (TOTP):

  • Google Authenticator (Android / iPhone / BlackBerry)
  • Duo Mobile (Android / iPhone)
  • Authenticator (Windows Phone 7)

1. Go To Management
Navigate to your Constellix account management. 

2. Select Edit My Info
Once you're in the Management Section, click the down arrow next to your user name and select "Edit My Info".  

3. Click Multi-Factor Auth

4. Click Activate
Once you have Selected "Multi-Factor Auth" a Window will pop up asking you to Click "Activate"

5. Connect Authenticator
For this part, you will need your mobile device and would need to download an authenticator app like Duo or Google Authenticator. Scan the QR code and then enter in the number provided from your authenticator app, then click "Verify" 

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