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Migrating DNS from Network Solutions

1. Get the assigned name servers for your domain in DNS Made Easy

  1. Log in to the DNS Made Easy Control Panel
  2. Click DNS > Managed DNS at the top of the screen
  3. Click the domain name that you wish to delegate our name servers to
  4. Click the Name Servers tab and you should see the list of assigned name servers for your domain. Please note that all domains do not have the same assigned nameservers in our system

2. Log in to your Network Solutions account

3. Click My Domain Names in the Account Manager page

4. In the green box, click the blue Change Where Domain Points button

5. Click the Domain Name Server (DNS) button

6. Under the Specify Other Domain Name Servers section, clear out the old name servers, click the Add Name Server button and begin entering the assigned name servers from DNS Made Easy.

7. Click Continue and then Apply Changes

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