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RP Records

What are RP Records?

RP Record specifies the mailbox of the person responsible for a host (domain name). The RP Record type makes it possible to identify the responsible person for individual host names contained within the zone. Optionally specify the domain name for a TXT Record with additional information (such as phone and address). The RP Record type is defined in RFC1183.

How To Configure an RP Record

1. Select Managed DNS and then click Domains

2. Select the domain you wish to add the RP record to

3. In this screen you will enter the record information. Follow the steps below:

A. Name: defines the hostname of the record and whether the hostname will be appended to the label

B. TTL: time to live, amount of time the record is cached in resolvers (measured in seconds)

C. Mailbox: Mail address of the responsible person, the @should be replaced by a dot ( . )

D. TXT: Domain name of a TXT record with additional information

E. Notes Leave notes about the record for future reference

Don't forget to click SAVE!

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