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API Calls through Postman: Getting Started

What is Postman?

Postman is a free program that allows you to manage, save, and make API calls in a much more streamlined and simple way than running curls by hand in a terminal. We at Constellix use Postman religiously for API testing because of its efficiency and management of calls and we highly recommend it. In this tutorial, we will cover everything from the installation of Postman all the way to your first basic API call. 

Getting Started with Postman

1. Download and install Postman. CLICK HERE to go directly to Postman's main download page, Postman is available for Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux.

2. Start Postman. You will need to make an account for Postman (by email or through Google) and log in before being able to make API calls.

3. Once you are logged in to Postman and have it open and running, CLICK HERE to go to our Constellix API Documentation page.

4. Click the orange Run in Postman button at the top right of the screen to download our collection of pre-configured API calls.

5. Get your API credentials. If you do not already have your API key and secret key, please CLICK HERE to learn how to generate API credentials.

6. In Postman, click the gear icon in the top right corner to create a new environment.

7. Click Add to enter your API credentials

8. Enter your API Credentials:

    A. Enter apiKey (case sensitive) into the "Variable" field and enter your actual API key into the next two boxes under "Initial Value" and "Current Value"

    B. Enter secretKey (case sensitive) into the "Variable" field below apiKey and enter your secret key into the next two boxes under "Initial Value" and "Current Value"

    C. Click "Add"

9. Change over to your new environment by clicking the dropdown menu to the left of the gear in the top right of the screen.

10. At the top left of the screen, you should see three tabs, "History", "Collections", and "APIs". Click Collections. 

11. Select the call you wish to make. For this tutorial, we will cover how to get all domains in your account. Click on Constellix DNS API > API Calls > DNS > v1 - Version 1 > Domains > and then click Get all Domains.

12. The necessary URL for the call autopopulates and each different call you make creates a new tab at the top, allowing you to quickly flip through previously made calls. All you need to do now is click Send

13. Congratulations! You just made your first successful API call with Postman! You should now see all your domains, domain IDs and much more information in JSON format. 

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