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Setting up Domain Level Permissions


This tutorial guides you through the process of editing user permissions, as well as adding new users to your Constellix management suite. There are several permission-based customization options available, including Domain Level, IP Filter, GeoProximity, Billing, and Pool level permissions. You have the flexibility of choosing the following privileges: none, read-only, read/commit, read/write, or read/write/commit. 

Common Use Cases for Setting Up Domain Level Permissions

Permissions are most commonly used to prevent user access to the full Constellix suite. This helps maintain the integrity of DNS configurations, as well as billing and administration settings by preventing accidental changes or errors.


  • You have a domain already added to your Constellix account
  • You have an existing user added to your domain, or
  • You need to add a new user to your management console

How to Configure User-based Permissions for Your Domain

1. Log in to the User Management Console 

In the Dashboard, select Managed DNS in the left-hand sidebar menu. This will display a drop-down list of DNS configuration options. Next, click on Configuration and select Users from the menu.

You should now be in the Users section of the Constellix dashboard (if you have already set your default permissions, skip to step 3).

2. Set Default Permissions

New User permissions are set to None automatically. If you would like to customize your default permissions, click on the green New User Default Permissions button. A new window will pop up with the available options.

Make any necessary changes and then click the green Save button.

Note: Any change you make to the default permissions will apply to each new user you add to the management suite once changes are saved. 

3. Navigate to Management Console

To add a new user or to change the permissions of a specific user you will need to go to the Management Console. From the Users section of the dashboard, click on Management Console.

4. Add a new user or Edit an existing User’s Permissions

Once in the management console, click on Manage in the top bar on the left-hand side of the screen, then select Users from the dropdown options.

5. Edit Permissions

You should now be in the User Management console. Check or uncheck any options (DNS, Sonar, Billing, RTA, Enabled, 2FA, or SAML) beside the appropriate username to customize the user’s privileges. The selections will update automatically and you will receive a brief success message letting you know the user’s permissions have been updated.

6. Add new user

To add a new user, click the green Add User button on the right-hand side of the screen. 

7. Enter values and save

The Add User window should now be open. Fill out each field and then hit the green Save button. Upon saving, a “user created successfully” message will display briefly.

Note: Adding a user will automatically generate a confirmation email that will be sent to the user’s email. They will need to confirm their email address before they can access the Constellix suite.

Click the gray Close button at the bottom of the pop-up window to return to the main management console. 

8. Repeat step 4 to edit permissions.

If the newly added user requires different permissions than the default settings, repeat step 4.

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