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How to apply CDN provisioning to a domain

CDN Provisioning helps our users to automatically route to the fastest CDN provider in their region. This tool can assist users with speed, reduced latency, and SEO with their domain. It can automatically make the decision by using synthetic monitoring or community data to see which CDN is the fastest. It works with regional monitoring so that we can ensure that your customer gets the fastest response times within their network.

Note: Please make sure you commit changes to enable Global Traffic Director (GTD) and GeoIP services. 

3. Apply the Multi-CDN configuration 

Apply CDN Site: This field is used to select your CDN configuration name 

Record Name: This field is used to enter the FQDN that you specified on your CDN. This FQDN will be the site that users will go to. 

TTL: Time to Live, is a setting in every DNS record that dictates how long the record will be cached by resolving nameservers, browsers, etc.

4. Click "Apply"

Note: Please make sure to commit changes in order to successfully submit changes 

5. View of CDN records

Users will see the Multi-CDN configuration within each region. We automatically create pools and sonar checks for the Multi-CDN configuration. Pools are being monitored by our ITO feature which is also referred to as RUM. You can configure your pools by navigating to Managed DNS> ANAME / CNAME Record Pools. Sonar is used to monitor the data and let our users know which check has the fastest speeds. Please switch to the Sonar app which is located when clicking on the grid icon top-left corner select Sonar. 

DNS Management View 

ANAME / CNAME Record Pools View 

Sonar Monitoring View

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