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DNS Query Reports


The Constellix query report tool lets you quickly view valuable statistics about your domain. It will show you the total number of queries for each of your domains, as well as the amount of queries your domain(s) receive each day. You can specify a certain period of time (up to 60 days), choose which domain to view, and even select the type of query you would like to analyze, for two days at a time. 

Common Use Cases For Query Reports

This tool is useful for quickly analyzing your domain traffic patterns and identifying potential issues.


  • At least one domain has been added to your Constellix account

Note: Check out our Data Explorer for even more comprehensive data on your domain's traffic.

How to Access and Use Query Reports in Constellix

1. Navigate to Advanced > Query Report

Once you are logged into the Constellix DNS dashboard, click Advanced in the left sidebar menu to expand options, then select the option for Query Report.

2. Query Reports Graph

Once on the Query Reports page, you will see a graph of your query activity within the last 30 days. The default settings are for all domains and all query types.

3. Define Query Search

To get more specific data, you can specify a date range (within the last 60 days), choose a specific day within the last month, choose which domain(s) you want to include, and/or choose a specific query type.

Note: Data can only be viewed for two days at a time.

A. Start Date: Choose which date you want to start with.

B. End Date: Choose which date you want to end with.

C. Query Type: This option lets you select a specific query type

  • Standard
  • IP Filter
  • Geo Proximity

D. Day: Choose the exact day you want to view query activity for.

E. Domain: This option lets you specify which domains you want to include in your report. You can select one specific domain or choose the option for All domains.

4. View Traffic Count for Your Domain

At the bottom of the Query Report page, you will see a table of your query traffic by day. Click the gray + icon on the right to expand a day to quickly view the breakdown of queries by type.

4. Detailed Query Report by Day

You can also click on the date inside the table, and then your domain name to view your data in pie chart and table form for the specified day. 

Pie Chart Data Visualization

From here, you can alter your dates, which domain you want to view, and the query type, if needed (like in step 3).

5. View Real-Time Stats (optional)

For an even more in-depth view of your query activity, click the green View Real-Time Stats for this Domain button at the bottom of page in Step 4, which will take you to our Analytics app. Alternatively, you can click on the white grid icon in the top left corner of the screen to switch apps.

Our DNS Analytics tutorial will walk you through the analytics app if you need help.

Visit our website for more information on our services and features.

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