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Weighted Round Robin

How to configure Round Robin

Please note, the following example uses a hypothetical infrastructure scenario and should only be used as a guide. This tutorial will focus on A record pools but the instructions are the same for CNAME and ANAME pools as well.

1. Click A (IPv4) Pools 

2. Click Add New Pool 

3. Configure Records

A) Name: Give the pool configuration an identifiable name.
B) Num Return: enter the number of IP’s you want to be returned in the pool.
C) Min Available: enter the minimum number of IP’s that must be available in the pool.

D) Enable ITO: Load balances based on the RTT, for more information, click here.
E) Contact Notify: the contact group to notify when a change happens in the pool (failover, change in speed, etc).

F) IP: Designate the IP addresses you want in the pool.
G) Weight: Enter a weight for each record. If you create multiple records with the same weight, then you will have configured traditional load balancing. However, if you configure records with unequal weights, traffic will be distributed proportionately to the weights assigned.
H) Sonar Check: If you have a Sonar Check enabled you can add it to the record here.

I) Policy: Give the pool configuration an identifiable name.
J) Active: Whether the record is active in the pool or not being returned.
K) Speed: If using ITO, displays the connection speed.
L) Status: Whether the associated Sonar Check is marked as UP or DOWN.
M) Trash (Delete): Permanently delete record from pool.
N) Add Another IP: Additional IP’s can also be added to load balance traffic, just click the Add Another IP button. You must have at least two records in order to setup Round Robin or Weighted Round Robin.
O) Save: Click 

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