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Deleting an Existing Pool


Whichever record you have created a pool for, you have the flexibility of editing or deleting the pool anytime your domain requires it. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to delete an existing Record Pool in Constellix. In the examples, we will be using A Record Pools; however, the steps are the same for AAAA and  CNAME/ANAME record pools. 

How to Delete an Existing Record Pool From Your Domain

1. Click Managed DNS and Select Pool

Once logged into Constellix, select Managed DNS in the left-hand sidebar menu. This will display a drop-down list of DNS configuration options. Next, select A (IPv4) Pools from the drop-down menu.

2. Delete pool

Click on the red Trash Can icon below the Add New Pool button.

3. Click OK to Confirm

If you have not previously applied the pool to a domain, your record pool has now been successfully deleted and no further steps are required. You can repeat this process for any other unapplied pools you wish to delete, or configure a new pool for the record of your choice.

If you are trying to delete a domain in the Record Pools section that is already applied to your domain, you will get the following error message:

To delete a pool already applied to a domain, navigate back to the Domains section by clicking on Domains in the right-hand menu. Once in Domains, click on the appropriate domain name or search for the domain in the search bar.

In the Domains section of the dashboard, click on the record that has the pool configuration you need to delete.

Next, you should be directed to the Records page. Tick the checkbox next to the record that has the pool configuration you need to delete, then click on the pencil icon.

In the Edit Record pop-up window, click the red trash can icon beside the pool you need to delete and then click the green Save and Close button

Note: If you accidentally deleted the wrong pool and have not clicked Save and Close, you can just X out of the window and start over. If you deleted the wrong pool after saving, you can Rollback your change when prompted to Review and Save your changes and start the Edit Record step again.

4. Review and Commit Changes

After deleting your pool and saving, you will be redirected to the records screen and prompted to review and apply your changes.

Press click here in the yellow bar at the top of the screen.

You will now be taken to the Review Your Changes screen, which shows your edits (new and old changes). Once everything is configured, click the Commit Changes button..

Note: For corrections or additional edits, click on Rollback Changes or Go Back to Editing options.

Once Commit Changes is selected, a small popup window will allow you to make notes about the configuration changes (highly recommended). Click the green Save button for changes to take effect.

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