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Create a AAAA Record Pool

    AAAA Record Pools are used to balance traffic across multiple IPv6 addresses. Traffic can be distributed based on weight or the performance of the systems in the pool. Weighted distribution is also called Round Robin (when the weights are even) and Weighted Round Robin (when they are not).

To learn more about load balancing and its various use cases go here

1. Navigate to Managed DNS AAAA Record Pools. 

2. Click the Add New Pool button.

3. Now we will begin to configure the pool
A) Name: Give the pool configuration an identifiable name.
B) Num Return: Enter the number of IPs you want to return to the pool.
C) Min AvailableEnter the minimum number of IPs that must be available in the pool.
D) ITO: Check this box only if you want to balance traffic based on latency. 
E) Contact Notify: List of contacts to be notified. 
F) IPv6Designate the IPv6 address you want in the pool. Additional IP’s can also be added to load balance traffic To add more than one simply click "+ Add Another IP".
G) WeightGive the IP a weight, this determines the priority larger numbers have priority over smaller numbers.
H) Sonar Check / Policy: Here you can use previously configured Sonar Checks to determine how the system monitors the IP. The policy determines how it will behave. 
I) Save: Save the current configuration.4. A record can be permanently deleted from a pool by clicking the delete_icon
 icon next to the IP.

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