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Adding a custom CDN provider

What does CDN provisioning do?

CDN Provisioning helps our users to automatically route to the fastest CDN provider in their region. This tool can assist users with speed, reduced latency, and SEO with their domain. It can automatically make the decision by using synthetic monitoring or community data to see which CDN is the fastest. It works with regional monitoring so that we can ensure that your customer gets the fastest response times within their network.

1. Choose two CDN providers

You can choose any CDN provider that you wish to configure in our system. Constellix is integrated with AWS Cloudfront, StackPath, CDN77, and KeyCDN. You can also provision a custom CDN provider as well.

3. Select "Configure CDN Settings"

4. Adding your CDN Provider Name and RUM URL

You would want to download and configure the pixel image in your webserver. Log into your CDN provider and pull the zone. Copy and paste the URL that they provide to you ( and append the location to the pixel image which would be (/1pixel.png).

5. Click "Save"

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