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How to Create and Delegate a Subdomain to a 3rd party DNS provider

What is a subdomain? 

A subdomain is an additional part of your main domain name. Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. For instance, "" is a subdomain of

In Constellix, you have the ability to assign a different set of name servers to any of your sub-domains, which means that you would be using two providers simultaneously: one at the root level, and another one at the subdomain level.

We will create the subdomain "" as an NS record within the domain in Constellix and direct the traffic of this subdomain to DNS Made Easy.

1. Select your Domain

A. Select Managed DNS
B. Select Domains from the dropdown

C. Select the domain you want to add an NS record too.

2. Add an NS record

Scroll down to the NS records for the domain and click on the plus sign to add a new NS Record.

3. Insert NS values

Create additional NS records that delegate “sub” to each of the name servers it will be assigned. Each name server hostname must end in a dot (.) to keep your domain name from being appended to the end. 

4. This will be the complete list of NS records once the delegation is complete.

5. You now have sub-delegated out the subdomain "" to DNS Made Easy.

To complete the delegation go to DNS Made Easy and add the as a zone and all records added will be served by DNS Made Eas from there. 

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