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CERT Records

What Are CERT Records?

CERT resource records provide a space in the DNS for certificates and related certificate revocation lists (CRLs). These certificates verify the authenticity of the sending and receiving parties. The CRLs identify the certificates that are no longer valid.

How to Configure CERT Records

1. Select Managed DNS and then click Domains

2. Select the domain you wish to add the CERT record to

3. In this screen you will enter the record information. Follow the steps below:

A. Name: The name of the record, can be left blank (at the root domain)

B. TTL: Time to live, how long the record is cached (measured in seconds)

C. Certificate Type: Numerical value that specifies which certificate type specified by RFC 4398

D. Key Tag: The key tag field is the 16-bit value computed for the key embedded in the certificate using the RRSIG key tag algorithm

E. Algorithm: The algorithm field identifies the cryptographic algorithm used to create the signature

F. Certificate: Enter the actual certificate value

G. Add Another Value: Add another cert under the same record name

H. Notes: Add any notes specific to the record to help you in the future

Don't forget to click Save!

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