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Disabling a Record

How to Disable Records in Constellix

Records can be disabled in Constellix DNS if you want to remove them from the name servers without removing the record configuration in the Constellix DNS control panel. A disabled record will remain in the control panel with full configuration intact. However, the name servers will return an NXDOMAIN response when queried for this record (as if the record does not exist).

1. Select Your Domain

A. Click the Managed DNS tab to the left of the control panel and then select Domains.

B. Select the domain you would like to configure.

2. Select and Disable Record

A. Select the record you want to disable and in the Edit Record screen, click the check box next to Disable Record.
B. Click Save and Close when you are done. 

3. Commit Changes

You will now see in the control panel that the record returns NX domain. Don't forget to commit your changes!

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