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Release 2.51

Constellix will automatically upgrade to version 2.51. If a previous version of Constellix is still running, try refreshing your web browser or clearing your cache to reflect the latest version.

Key Fixes

  •  Update DNS to scan all records in users account that utilize Sonar check ID with active configurations.

  • When receiving 404 level error - update to stop the synchronization and notify user

  • Add Specialized logging for Third Party Providers

  • Update when changing record mode from "Failover" to "Standard"

  • Updates to secondary DNS synchronization 

  • Remove duplicate NS records in Third Party Provider during sync

  • Updates to Wildcard records that were not being imported to Constellix

  • When user sets TTL value 0 - update to show in zone file for DYN records

  • Allow the skip lookup to be passed to the API when updating existing ANAMEs

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