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Release 2.53

Constellix will automatically upgrade to version 2.53. If a previous version of Constellix is still running, try refreshing your web browser or clearing your cache to reflect the latest version.

Key Fixes

  • Update Secondary DNS Provider page in production

  • Update issues in disabling the record when the "Disable records if all hosts fail" option is used with failover record

  • Update GEO Location Filter when valid data type is not provided

  • Bug Resolution for CNSDNS-3552

  • User Request: Improve logs for ANAME lookup to check if any error is occurring

  • User Request:  Give users ability to process quotes in CAA record - not match TXT records functionality so that both record types have similar functionality

  • User Request: Add a popup to navigate to DNS Provider Screen when trying to disable a domain which is synced with 3rd Party Providers. Ensure disabled domains are not synced with Secondary DNS Providers

  •  Update to give user ability to disable/enable a domain

  • Identify and update when a document is modified through CP and API

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