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Edit DNS Records in a Template

What are Templates?

    Templates are designed to simplify the configuration of multiple domain names that share the exact same record set. This allows an administrator to define this record set once within a template and then apply that template to multiple domains. Domains which have a template assigned have an additional column on the record page titled Source. Records which come from a template have a Source of “Template”. Records which come from a domain have a Source of “Domain’.

How do Templates Work?

    There are two different functions that can be accomplished with templates: assigning and importing. If records “from” a template need to be edited independently within a domain, then the template should be imported into the domain rather than assigned to the domain.

    A template can be assigned (i.e. linked) to a domain. With a template assigned to a domain, any changes made to the template will affect all domains to which it is assigned. Records that come “from” the template cannot be changed independent of the template, the template itself must be edited.

    Records can be imported into a domain from a template which simply copies the records from the template to the domain. Records that come “from” the template are then no different from any other records within the domain and they can be changed or deleted without any effect on the template or any other domains associated with the template.

Edit DNS Records in a Template

1. Select Managed DNS and click on Templates.

2. Click on a template to edit it, or start typing the name of a template in the search box to filter the list of configured templates. 

Information on DNS Record configuration can be found in our Knowledge base.

3. Now you can edit all of the records within the template. Changes made to a template are made on all domain names the template is assigned.

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