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How to Edit DNS Records in a Template


Templates are designed to simplify the configuration of multiple domain names that use the same record settings. This allows you to define an entire record set once and apply the settings to multiple domains. This guide will show you how to edit DNS records in a template.


  • At least one domain has been added to your account
  • You have already created a template 

How to Edit DNS Records in a Template in Constellix

1. Navigate to Managed DNS > Templates

After logging in to the Constellix DNS dashboard, select Managed DNS on the left-hand side menu to expand options and then click Templates.

2. Select Your Template 

Once in the Templates dashboard, click on the name of the template that needs to be applied to a domain.

3. Edit Records

You can now add, edit, or delete any record in the template, as well as apply or remove advanced settings. If you need help with record configurations, please visit our DNS Record tutorials.

Important: Any change made in a template will apply to ALL domains it was previously applied to. If you don’t want that, you will need to remove the template from any domain you want to be excluded from these changes.

Note: In order for your changes to take effect, you must review and apply changes.

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