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Introduction to the Management Console

Our DNS Management Console in Constellix

Welcome to the Constellix Management Console (CMC). Through this portal, you will be able to manage your account information, API keys, multi-factor authentication, and user permissions. Before you begin these tutorials, please make sure that you have either already created a Constellix account.

User Management

 Enter your username click "Next".

Enter your password and two-factor authentication code (note: if you do not have 2FA configured, you will only see the password field).

You will then be taken to the Dashboard where you can view a video tutorial or access written tutorials on how to use the Management Console. First, we are going to show you how to manage your account users. Click the Manage button at the top left of the screen. In the drop down menu, click Users.

Through the User Management page, you can modify user permissions, add new users, and export activity logs. Please note this feature is only available for account admins.

You may remember that when you created an account or migrated an account that the primary user you created is the “Admin” user of the account. An Admin can designate other users to become admins, remove admin privileges, limit user access to different portals, and can disable user access altogether.

How to Change Admin Privilege

You can easily promote and user to become an admin. Just select the drop down menu under the Role column, and select Admin. You can also demote a user back the same way, just select User instead. Please note, an Admin cannot remove their own Admin privileges.

Change User Portal Access

Admins can limit what service(s) users have access to. Check or uncheck the box under the appropriate column to allow or disallow access.

Disable a User

Admins can also enable or disable users. This is helpful for employee terminations. Please note, an Admin cannot disable their own account.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Admins can view which user accounts have 2FA enabled or disabled. Admins can also remove 2FA from users and themselves by unchecking the box under the 2FA column.

User Information

You can modify sub-user information by clicking on their username.

You can change account information or even reset a user’s password. Please be advised that any changes you make to a user’s account will immediately be reflected in their account. 

Account Information

You can also modify your Account Information through the CMC. Click the Manage button in the top bar, then select Account.

User Information

Or you can click on your username in the upper right-hand corner and click Edit My Info to modify your user information. You can also access your API Key, Enable Multi-Factor Authentication, and change your password.
You will then be able to modify all of your account information. Don’t forget to click Save when you are finished.

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