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How to Change a User Password


This tutorial will guide you through the process of changing a user’s password in the Constellix Management Console. 


  • You are the domain’s administrator
  • The user account exists in the console

How to Change User Passwords in the Constellix Management Console

1. Navigate to Manage Users 

Once logged in to the User Management portal, choose the option for Manage Users from the left-hand sidebar or from the Quick Links menu from the Dashboard page.

2. Select User 

Click on the user that requires the password change from the list.

3. Change Password

Select the Change Password option from the menu on the left.

4. Fill out Change Password Fields

In the Change Password window, enter the New Password and then re-enter the new password in the next field to confirm. Click on the Save button to complete the action.

The user’s password should now reflect the newly created one. 

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