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How to Edit Existing User Permissions


This tutorial will walk you through the process of modifying an existing user’s permissions in the Constellix Management Portal. User permissions can be updated or changed at any time.


  • At least one user has already been added to your account

How to Edit Existing Users in the Constellix Management Portal

1: Navigate to Manage Users

Once logged into the Constellix User Management portal, choose the option for Manage Users from the left-hand sidebar or from the Quick Links menu from the Dashboard page.

2. Edit User Permissions 

You should now be on the Manage Users page. To edit a user’s permissions, click the blue pencil icon beside the appropriate user name, and then check or uncheck the option(s) you want to change.

Note: When editing a user’s permissions, the pencil icon will change to a save icon, as shown in the example below.

Active: Denotes if a user is active or inactive. Inactive users will be grayed out.

DNS: This option gives users access to all the DNS configurations for your domain. For domain-level permissions, visit our Setting Up Domain Level Permissions guide.

Sonar: Selecting Sonar will provide users with access to the Sonar performance monitoring platform, where they can create, edit, or delete health checks for your domain.

RTA: Checking RTA gives users access to the Real-time Time Analytics, including enabling/disabling the feature and viewing data collected.

Billing: This will give users permission to your domain’s billing features.

2FA: If 2FA has been enabled for your domain, this will show if a person is using it.

SAML: If single sign-on has been enabled for your domain, this option lets you know which accounts are using it. 

Note: Visit our Edit User tutorial for help with editing names, emails, phone numbers, etc.

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