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CDN Services

What is CDN

This feature is currently in beta and will eventually be used in tandem with our Traffic Steering service. For now, you can use our CDN service to automatically load balance, multiple CDN providers. You will need the API keys and secret keys for your CDN providers. As well as have your CDN services already configured with each provider. By the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to add your CDN providers to Constellix as well as configure an automatic multi-CDN load balancer. This automated service will create monitoring checks for each of your CDN providers in five different regions and set up a load balancing pool that prefers the fastest CDN service. 

How to Add a CDN Provider

#1 Add CDN Providers

In the left-hand navigation menu, select CONFIGURATION then CDN Providers.

Click the checkbox next to the name of your CDN vendors. Then enter the API keys for each provider. Click Verify & Save.

If we do not offer an integration with your chosen provider, that’s fine, you will have a chance to enter your origin(s) in step three.

#2 Add SSL Certificates

If your domain(s) run over HTTPS, you will need to enter your SSL certificate information in order to use our multi-CDN services. Skip this step if you are using HTTP.

Go to CDN/DDoS/WAF in the sidebar and then SSL Certificates (beta).

Click the Add SSL Certificate button. Enter your information and click Save. Your certificate will appear in the table.

#3 Add CDN Site

Go to the sidebar menu and select CDN/DDoS/WAF and then CDN Sites. 

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