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Set up Vanity DNS

    Vanity DNS is an optional configuration that allows you to rebrand Constellix name servers using your own domain name. The end result is that your own domain name becomes the hostname for your name servers which map back to the IP addresses of Constellix name servers. Some of these steps require actions to be taken within your domain registrar account. Your domain registrar is the company that you purchased your domain name from.

In this tutorial, we will create Vanity DNS for the domain by creating the name server hostnames

1. Click Managed DNS > Domains
To start, you will need to obtain a list of the IP addresses associated with each Constellix name server assigned to your domain. You can find this list by navigating to Managed DNS in the sidebar, and then click Domains

2. Select Your Domain
Choose the domain name you would like to use as the hostname for your Vanity name servers and define each host. The domain will be used to create the vanity hostnames

3. Click Advanced Settings and then Name Server Settings

4. Take Note of IPs
The dialogue box will show you a list of name servers and associated IP addresses that are authoritative of your domain. You will then want to come up with names for your name servers. You can call them anything you want. We will use the domain to create as name servers for this tutorial.

5. Create Records

Now you will create A records for your Vanity name servers on your authoritative name server. The IP addresses you set up earlier will match the IP addresses that you register with your registrar in this lesson. In the case of this tutorial, we will create A records in the domain because this is the domain we are using for our Vanity name server hostnames. These A records should have a higher TTL as they will be used as the glue records for your domain, the TTL should be set to 86400 seconds.
If you require assistance creating A records please view our tutorial on creating A Records.

NOTE!: This is usually completed within the Constellix control panel as your vanity DNS domain should use the DNS services of a reliable DNS provider. If your vanity DNS domain does not use Constellix services, A records would be created with your current DNS provider. 

6. Register Name server Hostnames at Registrar

Now register your vanity hostnames as Name Servers with your registrar. This is done at your domain registrar. Registering your name servers requires each official name server hostname to be registered with the respective top-level (TLD) name servers. Typically can be completed through your domain registrars website. Please contact your registrar’s support team if you have further questions regarding this step. During registration, you will assign your name servers the exact same IPs of the Constellix name servers that were assigned to you by Constellix DNS. Without completing this step, most registrars will not allow you to assign your vanity name servers to a domain.

7. Create Vanity DNS Configuration

A. In the side menu, select Advanced and then Vanity Name Server from the drop-down menu.

B. Click the Add Vanity Name Server button.

C. Enter an identifiable name. Then select the “Name Server Group” drop-down menu. Your configuration should appear in the drop-down menu. This is the same group of name servers that the domain(s) that will use this configuration is assigned to within Constellix. If you only have one option in this drop-down menu, then all of your domains in Constellix are using the same name server group. Create your Vanity Name Server hostnames, one per line, Click Save

8. Apply Vanity DNS

A. Select Managed DNS from the sidebar menu. Click on Domains.

B. Select your domain. Click on the Advanced Settings button and select Apply Vanity Name Server from the drop-down menu.

C.  From the drop-down menu, select the configuration you defined, Click Save. Don’t forget to commit your changes.

9. Assign Vanity Name Servers at Registrar

1. AT THE REGISTRAR! Tell your domain registrar to assign your Vanity name servers as authoritative name servers for your domain. This can only be done if registration in Lesson 3 was completed.

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