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A Records


What are A (Address) Records?

    A records map an FQDN (fully qualified domain name) to an IP address and are the most used record type in any DNS configuration. A records can be configured in a domain for a specific host such as or for the root record such as

Note that the @ symbol refers to the root of the domain, which can be reflected within your zone file as a blank name value. 

1. In your Constellix account, click on the domain you would like to add the A record to.

2.  Click on the '+' sign to add the type of record. 

3. Configure the record information. (A)If pointing to the root domain, you can simply just leave the 'name' field blank. If you are configuring an A record for, then you would insert only the "subdomainname" in the name field. (B)Secondly, add your preferred TTL and finally insert the IP address to where the FQDN will be pointing to (C).

4. Commit your changes. 

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