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Create a Geo Proximity Rule

What is Geo Proximity?

    The Geo Proximity feature allows system administrators to specify the location, or the longitude & latitude of their hosted servers (datacenter locations). The powerful Constellix GeoIP engine will then automatically calculate which server is closest to the end querying client in real-time, providing clients with the most optimized resolution speeds to reach your content. 

Example Data Center Locations

How to Create a GeoProximity Rule

1.Navigate to  Advanced > GeoProximity

2. Select the  button. 

3. Fill out the location data for the 1st server/datacenter. We will be using information from the example data centers listed at the beginning of this tutorial. The first location is Equinix in Ashburn, VA. The latitude and longitude can be seen in the google maps search image.

A) Name: Use an identifiable name to label your GeoProximity rule.
B) Enter by Country, State, City lookup
C) Enter by geographical coordinate (longitude, latitude)
D) Save: Click Save and Close. Don’t forget to commit your changes.

Once you have created the Geo Proximity rule, CLICK HERE to learn how to apply the rule to a domain. 

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