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Update an IP Filter Rule

    With most configurations, your changes will only apply to the record or domain you are modifying. However, IP Filters can be applied to multiple domains. That means any changes you make to an existing and applied IP Filter will propagate to all the domains it is applied to.

1.  Navigate to Advanced  > IP Filter. 

2. Click the edit_icon button next to the Filter Rule you want to modify. 

3. On this screen you can add or remove existing filters. To add a record, select the location or enter the information in the appropriate field, then click the add button button next to your desired Filter Type. Added records will appear in the shaded grey box on the right side. 

3. To remove a record, click the delete_icon icon next to the filter you want to remove.

4. When you are done, click the Save button. Your changes will be automatically propagated to all applicable domains.

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