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Create an IP Filter Rule

    IP Filters are rules you can apply to records across multiple domains and when a user meets the requirement(s) of the filter, they will be answered with that record. Otherwise, they will be answered with the World/Default record. You MUST have GeoIP services enabled for your domain in order to use IP Filters. 

Navigate to Advanced Settings > Enable GeoIP services menu.  Select Enabled GeoIP Services.  

Important: Before you apply an IP Filter to a record, you must create a record of the same type that will be used to answer queries that don’t match your filter. Apply the World/Default IP Filter to that record. 

Please Note: IP Filter rules will supersede any Geo Proximity rules that are configured

1. Select IP Filter
Navigate to the Advanced tab and then click IP Filter

2. Add New IP Filter
There will already be one filter available called “World”. This is the default IP filter. To create a new filter, click on the  button. 

3. Enter Filter Information
You will then be prompted to create your IP Filter. Please follow the directions below:

Name: Enter an easily identifiable name for your filter. You will need this later when you use it with a domain.
Filter rules Limit: IP filters are billed differently depending on how many rules are applied to it and it is costed out per 100 rules (1-100 rules costs the same). If you require more than 100 rules then you will need to adjust this accordingly but we recommend you do not set it any higher than you need.

Filter by: You can choose from any of the four options to create your filter: Location, ASN, /24 IPv4 EDNS client subnet or /120 IPv6 EDNS client subnet. To add them to the list, either highlight the region or enter in the ASN or IP block and then click the corresponding button to the right.
Save: Once you have added all of your filters, click the Save button.

If you would like to remove a rule from the filter, just click the  button next to one you want to remove. After you create an IP filter, you can feel free to apply the IP filter to a record within a domain. 

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