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Delete an IP Filter Rule

Note that before you can delete an IP filter, you must first remove the IP filter from any domain currently using this feature. 

1. Click Domains
Navigate to Managed DNS > Domains.

2. Select Your Domain
Select the domain you want to remove the IP Filter from. 

3. Edit Record
Edit the record you have Geo Filters applied to by checking the box next to the record and then click the  edit_icon icon. 

4. Remove IP Filter from a Record
Under the IP Filter section, click the drop-down menu and select None for the filter. Click Save and don’t forget to commit your changes.

5. Click IP Filter
Finally, navigate to Advanced IP Filters. 

6. Delete IP Filter
Locate the Filter Rule you want to delete, select it then click the Delete IP Filter button in the top right.

7. Click OK 
You will be asked to confirm your action. Click the OK button. 

8. Commit Changes

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