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Apply a Geo Proximity Rule to a Domain


Geo Proximity is one of Constellix’s GeoIP services. It allows server information to be delivered based on the geographic location of your resources and users. With proximity-based routing, you can build your own content delivery network (CDN) by establishing routing policies. Geo Proximity automatically routes queries to the geographically closest server to the end user within your content network.

Common Use Cases for Geo Proximity 

Custom rules are created with Geo Proximity that allows content to be delivered based on end-user location. Keeping content relative to the region from where the request originated is beneficial for the distribution of news, advertisements, and other content relative to the location.

Geo Proximity is also used for domain speed enhancements since the resources are housed in closer proximity to the end user.


Enable Geo Proximity for a Domain

Once logged into your Constellix DNS dashboard, the following steps will guide you through the process of adding a Geo Proximity rule to a record on your domain. 

1. Select the Appropriate Domain

In the Constellix DNS dashboard, select the domain you want to add the Geo Proximity rule to from the Recently Updated Domains list. Optionally, you can locate the domain using the search bar on the upper left.

Note: Options available may vary depending on the current configurations set for your domain.

2. Enable GeoIP Services 

Click on the Advanced Settings button on the upper right and select Enable GeoIP Services from the dropdown list.

3. Edit the DNS Record 

Check the box next to the record you want to edit and then click on the pencil icon. For example purposes, we will be applying a Geo Proximity rule to an A record, but the steps are the same for any record that supports Geo Proximity (AAAA, CNAME, ANAME).

4. Apply the Geo Proximity Rule  

In the Geo Proximity field, select the Geo Proximity rule that you want to apply to the record from the dropdown box. Then, click the Save And Close button at the bottom of the window.

5. Commit Changes  

Follow the click here link at the top of the page to review and apply changes. 

If changes are not committed, the rule will not be applied to your record. If you need help with committing changes, see our tutorial

Once changes are committed, the Geo Proximity rule will be displayed on the record. 

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