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Configuring Wild Card Records in Constellix

What are wildcard records?

Wildcard records allow an administrator to point all non-existent records within a domain to a single target host (not including names defined implicitly through records created in a lower namespace)

It is important to note that a wild card record is not inclusive of the root record of the domain.

A wild card record can be defined as an A Record,  AAAA Record, CNAME Record, and HTTP Redirection Record by putting an * in the name field.

1. Select your Domain

A. Select Managed DNS

B. Select Domains from the dropdown

C. Select the domain you want to add a wildcard record to. In this example, we will use A records. 


2. Select DNS Record Type

Under the A records section, click the (+) icon to add a record.

3. Enter Record Values

A. Name: The hostname for the record. For a wildcard you would enter * or *.subdomain to catch all queries for * or *

B. TTL: Time to Live, measured in seconds, determines how long the record is cached in resolvers. For more information on best practices for TTLs, click here.

C. Record Mode: The Record Mode is how you enable settings like Failover, Record Pools, or Round Robin with Failover. You can read more about these settings here.

D. Geo Proximity: You can select a Geo Proximity rule to apply to the record, for more information on Geo Proximity, click here.

E. IP Filter:  You can select an IP Filter to apply to the record, for more information on IP Filters, click here.

F. Disable Record: Information on the NX Domain feature can be found in the Disabling a Record tutorial.

G. IP: The IPv4 address to send all queries to. If you don't want traffic to come to your servers for this record, we recommend using the loopback IP,

H. Notes: Add a helpful note with keywords so you can search for your records later.

I. Save and Close/Continue: Save and Close to finish entering A records or Save and Continue to add more records of the same type. 

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