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Import Domains through AXFR Transfer

How to Import Domains Through AXFR Transfer

Use an AXFR Transfer if you want to perform a direct zone transfer into the Constellix name servers from an external source name server.

Import Domains

1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and then select Domains

2. Select the Domain Name you would like to transfer.

3. Click on the Import Records button

4. Select the Import Records from drop-down menu and then select the option Name Server (AXFR).

5. In the text box, enter the IP address of the source name server that will perform the transfer. This source name server must be set up to allow transfers to the IP addresses listed on screen. If the Replace Existing Records check box is enabled, all existing records in the domain will be removed. Click Import.

6. You will now need to notify your registrar that you have changed nameservers. You will need to complete this step through your registrar’s control panel (this is the company you purchased your domain from).

7. We recommend that you leave your old provider's configurations in place for about 3 days following that nameserver change and ensure that you mirror any updates made on Consetllix to those servers as best as you can. This is because it will take some time for traffic to move to the new delegated name servers. After three days, it will be safe to terminate your old provider's account.

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