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ANAME Records

What are ANAME Records

ANAME records allow you to point the root of your domain to a hostname or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). They’re basically a CNAME record but at the root level.

Before ANAME records were developed by DNS Made Easy, it was bad practice to use a CNAME record at the root. However, ANAME records operate differently from CNAME records. They are actually a combination of CNAME and A records.

Every hostname or FQDN will eventually resolve to an IP address. Constellix caches the IP address(es) that the hostname resolves to and creates A record(s) with it. Those IP(s) are expected to change, so Constellix will continue to monitor where that hostname resolves to. When it changes, Constellix will automatically update the value of the A record(s) to match the new IP(s).

1. Select your Domain

A. Select Managed DNS
B. Select Domains from the dropdown

C. Select the domain you want to add an ANAME record too.

2. Select ANAME Record

Under the ANAME records section, click the (+) icon to add a record.

3. Enter Record Values

A. Name: The hostname for the record. ANAME records are typically used for the root domain. To set the record for the root domain (@), leave this field blank.
B. TTL: Time to Live, measured in seconds, determines how long the record is cached in resolvers. For more information on best practices for TTLs, click here.

C. Record Mode: The Record Mode is how you enable settings like Failover, Record Pools, or Round Robin with Failover. You can read more about these settings here.

D. Geo Proximity: You can select a Geo Proximity rule to apply to the record, for more information on Geo Proximity, click here.

E. IP Filter:  You can select an IP Filter to apply to the record, for more information on IP Filters, click here.

F. Disable Record: Information on the NX Domain feature can be found in the Disabling a Record tutorial.

G. FQDN/Host: the fully qualified domain name you want to point to.

H. Notes: Add a helpful note with keywords so you can search for your records later.

I. Save and Close/Continue: Save and Close to finish entering A records or Save and Continue to add more records of the same type. 

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