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Enable GTD for a Domain

What is Global Traffic Director 

The Global Traffic Director (GTD) allows you to specify different zone files in different regions of the world. Querying clients in each region will resolve the domain name based on only that region’s zone file. This becomes useful if you have servers in different regions of the world that host content for your domain. GTD speeds up response times because querying clients are sent to the closest name server to their location. 

How to Enable Global Traffic Director 

1. Click Domains
Navigate to Managed DNS Domains

2. Select Your Domain
Select the domain you want to add GTD to. 

3. Click Advanced Settings  

4. Enable Global Traffic Director
Click Advanced Settings and select Enable Global Traffic Director from the drop-down menu. 

5. Commit Changes
When enabled, tabs for each region configurable in GTD will appear above your records. Commit your changes and you can begin to Configure GTD.

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